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Piping Service

CIS-Durham provides all types of Industrial piping services that includes acid waste piping, Welded piping solutions allbeit Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Butt Weld, Socket Weld or Orbital Welding solutions, CIS-Durham also provides Med Gas Piping, High Purity Piping for Pharmaceutical, FDA or Cosmetic standards.


​Boiler repair & installation Services

CIS-Durham provides Boiler installation services as well as Boiler Breeching Construction and installation. CIS-Durham has experience in Hot Water Boilers, Steam Boilers, High Press Stream Boilers and High Temperature Hot Water Boiler Installation and modifications which includes Fuel Piping and Boiler service piping. CIS-Durham also provides boiler control services to integrate Boilers into existing Boiler Room environments.


​Laboratory Construction & Renovations

CIS-Durham provides total Laboratory construction and Renovation services from Casework installation to Countertop manufacturing to Med Gas Piping to Intricate Air Flow control and commissioning there is no aspect to Laboratory construction that exceeds our experience or capabilities.




HVAC Services

CIS-Durham provides a full service HVAC solution which includes ductwork installation and design, Hot water and Chilled Water Piping, HVAC Controls, Piping and Duct Insulation. CIS-Durham also install all types of HVAC Equipment including air Handling units, Pumps, heat exchangers and filtration systems.



​Water Piping and Plumbing Services

CIS-Durham provides a complete plumbing services solution for all commercial and industrial facilities.



Electrical Services

CIS=Durham has a full service Electrical Department from High voltage to Medium Voltage to low voltage work CIS-Durham has all the experience required led by an in house master Electrician and several licensed Electricians on staff to meet all your Electrical Service needs.

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